Our Services

Rig Mobilization
  • We are fully equipped to handle your rig move needs regardless of location.
  • We offer safe, efficient, and reliable drilling rig relocation services throughout Western Canada. Since reliable rig moves depend on reliable equipment, our fleet consists of new equipment outfitted to withstand the rigors of the harshest climates and conditions. Whether it is a short or long move, our team and equipment will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.
  • Armed with Winch tractors, 45 ton pickers, 400” bed trucks and a fleet of Commanders for soft and muddy conditions, our team of professionals will effectively, efficiently and safely relocate your rig from one pad to another in a predictable and cost efficient manner.
Light & Heavy Oilfield Hauling
  • If it can be moved, we can move it. From start to finish, our fleet is versatile enough to handle it.
  • Expert operators and drivers take special care when moving your equipment. Our variety of rig and trailer combinations provides us with the added advantage of being able to transport overweight equipment in a safe and efficient manner. We excel at meeting timetables regardless of distance or weather conditions.
  • Our fleet is fully insured and meets all necessary permit requirements. We have many different combinations and types of trailer equipment to move various loads safely and efficiently all across Canada.

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